Saturday, June 30, 2007

screen or window capture in mac osx

Here's one for the beginners to Mac OSX like myself. I was complaining in an earlier post that the Grab utility in Mac OSX should save to PNG format directly instead of me having to save a TIFF file and then convert the TIFF to PNG in Preview:

Well, in my haste, I did not see that Preview has a plugin to Grab that allows you to Grab a screen or window capture directly to Preview:

Hence, there is no need for converting a TIFF, because the image is already in Preview and you simply save out to PNG format.

Ah well..I apologize to the Apple Developers. Even though, they still should build a standardized export interface on all image programs that come with the Mac. This interface should be able to export files to a multitude of standard uncompressed or web formats that the user can select.

I have now gotten off my high horse.

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