Sunday, February 27, 2011

open sound control using touchOSC

Open Sound Control is a very cool technology, sort of an updated MIDI. With TouchOSC, you can send OSC messages over the network via WIFI to control OSC-aware softwares, like music recording software. I'm controlling the GForce Oddity software synth within Reaper in the video below.

Recording the audio/video from the mac to Cinelerra on my Linux box was a bit of a pain and took some work:
1) on mac: esd -public -promiscuous -bind mac -trust -tcp
2) on mac: esdrec -s mac | esdcat -s ogre
3) on linux:
gnome-sound-settings: hw
analog stereo output + digital stereo input
digital stereo output + digital stereo input (best for recording)
-input from microphone line in (for voice only) on Mackie Alt3-4
-input from mac monitor of m-audio digital stereo (null device)
-both if both are on Mackie Alt3-4

Alt 3-4 -> ch1/ch2 line in on M-Audio MobilePre

pavucontrol dialog settings
-output device: MobilePre analog speakers
-playback: null device from esound server created above
-record monitor (once Audacity/Cinelerra record monitor enabled):

If you'd like to download the Oddity layout and the Osculator settings, here they are:
Oddity Ipad Touch OSC Layout
Osculator Settings for the Above

More detail on ESD/PulseAudio here:

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