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mounting a windows file share in Fedora using mount -t cifs switch

I was rebuilding my main webserver and needed to copy the webroot to a temporary server. My main webserver is a Fedora Core 6 box and the temporary is a Win2K server (no laughs, please). As I started the job, I noticed that smbmount was missing from the command set found in my path:
COMPUTER:~ cacasodo$ smbmount
-bash: smbmount: command not found

If you need to recall smbmount command syntax, here's a link to an old post about it:

Thinking smbmount was in samba-client, I installed the samba client package (yum install samba-client*). Unfortunately, smbmount was not included. Next, I could have researched where smbmount was packaged and rpm could give me that answer, if I wanted to muddle through its cryptic command-line argument structure. Instead though, I recalled in my foggy memory that mount had a new filetype switch, -t cifs, that will allows one to mount a Windows file share. CIFS stands for Common Internet File System and essentially, supercedes Windows Server Message Blocks (SMB) as a file sharing technology. Here's a quick description of CIFS:

How to Mount Using CIFS
The command line parameters to mount using CIFS are similar to smbmount. Here is the general format of the command:
mount -t cifs //servername/sharename /mountpoint -o username=username,password=password,mounttype

For example:
mount -t cifs //computer/temp /windowsshare -o username=cacasodo,password=mypassword,rw

A second example, different syntax:
[sodo@computer mnt]$ sudo mount -t cifs //wl03/C$ /mnt/wl -o user=sodo2%pass -rw

A third example using a domain:
[sodo@computer mnt]$ sudo mount -t cifs //wsunoula/Windows\ Server\ 2008\ R2\ x64 /mnt/windows -o username=sodo,password=gabbagabba,domain=gabba.corp

An error, resolved by using IP instead of hostname:
[sudo] password for sodo: 
mount error(5): Input/output error
[sodo@computer mnt]$ sudo mount -t cifs //$ /mnt/wl -o user=sodo2%pass -rw

So, the -t cifs switch to mount solved my problem.

Update 2013/03/09
Latest update to Fedora 17 broke CIFS mounts.  Had to use a credentials file, comme ca:
sudo mount -t cifs //drobo/Linux /mnt/drobo -o credentials=/home/sodo/smb.credentials

Credentials file is just:

You'd probably want to encrypt this file, but it got me past the problem.
*** end update ***

And there you have it!

Samba Troubleshooting Reference
The Best Samba Troubleshooting Guide:

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