Tuesday, April 17, 2007

lefty mouse mess in Fedora under VM on Mac

OK. So here's a little humorous incident that happened to me while I was getting the Fedora virtual machine to run under the Mac.

The Fedora VM that I imported to my MacBook Pro was originally created on my PC. On my PC, I occasionally swap the left and the right mouse buttons, depending upon the amount of carpal tunnel I am experiencing in either hand. At the time I built out the Fedora virtual machine, Fedora was configured to use a left-handed mouse. When I moved the VM over to my MacBook Pro and started it up, I saw that when I clicked the mouse button, the alternative/properties menus appeared as if I had clicked the right mouse button in a left-handed mouse configuration! Yarg! Navigating the menus proved frustrating this way, because clicking on the menus just gave me the few dumb right-mouse-click options:
Remove From Panel
Lock to Panel

Also, in my ignorance, I didn't know the correct key combinations to get to the menus. I poked around on google a bit on which Core 6 system file on controlled the left/right mouse selection and found some reference to /etc/sysconfig/mouse. This file didn't exist on my system. Next, /etc/X11/xorg.conf could have had some mouse configuration commands, but alas, my xorg.conf was clean of any mouse controls.

What was an idiot to do?

Well, when you don't know what you're doing, redo the setup! So, I re-ran "setup" and changed the Xconfiguration in a terminal window.

Lame? Of course! But sometimes you just get tired of researching ALL the time.

Mental note: for next time, find out the key combination to get to the menus in Fedora Core 6. Life will be SO much easier that way.

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