Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fedora 15 installation notes

These are some notes for my Fedora 15 setup.  Not very interesting, just a reminder of the steps I need to perform to get a fresh system up and running.


  1. read release notes
  2. read bug list
  3. install Software Development packages
  4. set network proxy (if installing at corp)
  5. enable network card - activate on boot
  6. edit /boot/grub/menu.lst
  7. add xterm to task bar, change default profile to unlimited, 9pt font
  8. add System Monitor to taskbar, change prefs to all monitors
  9. add my user to sudoers "su -", then edit /etc/sudoers
  10. download and install VMware Player "sudo sh VMwarePlayer.bundle"
  11. setup ntlmaps (if installing at corp), point firefox to use localhost:5865
  12. add free/non-free repos
  13. setup Google yum repo, download Chrome
  14. setup Google as default home page in Firefox
  15. install cinelerra dependencies
  16. download cinMonty
  17. compile cinMonty ( --disable-mmx/make install)
  18. update VMware Tools
  19. remove nouveau (rpm -e xorg-x11-drv-nouveau --nodeps, nouveau.modeset=0 rdblacklist=nouveau in grub, yum install kmod-nvidia)
  20. install NVidia driver
  21. install rdesktop, setup sessions
  22. setup .bashrc with aliases
  23. install iptraf, mplayer, libcurl, iotop, ImageMagick, xfce4, xfce4 power, session and window managers
  24. run update
  25. System -> Sessions and Startup -> Auto save session on logout
  26. install system-config-lvm
That will provide for a decent base Fedora system.

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