Monday, April 11, 2011

weblogic 6.1 nastiness

I had to resurrect an old WebLogic 6.1 system today. Ooof! A conversion from IIS5 to IIS6. Went through quite a bit of h3ll.

1) Under Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Performance -> Data Execution Prevention had to be enabled for the specific WebLogic and java processes:

Otherwise, I'd get errors in the Application Event Log and to the desktop.

See more here:

2) In IIS, the WebLogic ISAPI filter priority was set to *Unknown*. I resolved with help from Vivek's post here:
-otherwise, IIS would hang

3) In IIS, the WebLogic DLLs need to be configured as Web Service Extensions and set to a status of Allowed

4) In IIS, unknown ISAPI extensions need to be Allowed
-otherwise, I'd get 404s from .wlforward

5) In IIS, the website needs to be run in IIS5 isolation mode
-otherwise, IIS would hang

6) The iisproxy.ini file needed to be copied to c:\weblogic
-otherwise, I'd get an HTTP 500 from .wlforward

7) Faulting application w3wp.exe, version 6.0.3790.3959, faulting module iisforward.dll
-caused by dll memory corruption trying to access Physical Address Extension memory
-resolved by adding /nopae to boot.ini


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