Wednesday, December 01, 2010

SSL: the basics and deeper

I had to troubleshoot some natty SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate issues and thought I'd add these informative articles that I found in my research.

SSL Basics

From the high level down to the more detailed
SSL: certs, cert types, CAs, cert chain, formats

For Admins
Verisign Intermediate Certificate information
Verisign Intermediate Certificate Install Instructions
Curl/openssl command line options for working with certificates
OpenSSL commands from a blog article
SSL Handshake
GUI Front-end to OpenSSL: TinyCA

For Developers
Using the OpenSSL libraries

SSL Checker

SSL Certificate Not Trusted Error
Debugging at the Command Line Using OpenSSL Basics
OpenSSL "s_client" Documentation
OpenSSL Tricks
OpenSSL Command-Line HOWTO
OpenSSL "verify" error output
Nice example of how to use the "verify" command

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