Saturday, February 02, 2008

tag cloud for Blogger blog labels

Phydeaux3 has posted some very easy-to-follow instructions on how to create a tag cloud for labels on your Blogger blog:

A tag cloud looks like this:

You can see a working implementation of a label cloud here:

The one thing that Phydeaux doesn't provide is an overview of the steps necessary in order to create the tag cloud. Here is the overview:
  1. Back up your blog template
  2. Add the label cloud stylesheet to your blog template (before the end skin tag)
  3. Add javascript variables for the cloud to your template before the end HEAD tag
  4. Replace the template code for your existing Label widget with the custom Label Cloud code
Finally, Phydeaux adds some troubleshooting tips as well as some hints for editing the label cloud text sizes and colors:

Nice job, Phydeaux!!

ps - If you're new to Blogger, I've posted a number of videos here that you may find useful:

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