Thursday, March 29, 2007

subversion through a proxy

In order to use subversion (svn) behind my corporate firewall, I was able to edit the .subversion/servers file to point subversion at my locally running ntlmaps proxy. You may remember I mentioned ntlmaps as a proxy for yum late last year (

Our shop is Microsoft-based, so I edited the following lines configured in the "~/.subversion/servers" file. The generic example is:
# http-proxy-exceptions = *,
# http-proxy-host =
# http-proxy-port = 7000
# http-proxy-username = defaultusername
# http-proxy-password = defaultpassword

In my world, the first two lines point to the local ntlmaps proxy and the last two are used for user credentials:
http-proxy-host = localhost
http-proxy-port = 5865
http-proxy-username = (NT username)
http-proxy-password = (NT user password)


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