Saturday, February 03, 2007

ntfs-3g .. write reliably from Linux to NTFS partitions

My task today was to backup my videos, in case my bloody RAID stripe set goes kaput. I found this program ntfs-3g ( that allows me to write files from Linux partitions to NTFS partitions. In addition to installing ntfs-3g, you will also need to have FUSE (Filesystem in User Space) libraries installed. FUSE allows you to "implement a fully functional filesystem from a userspace program." Well, OK. I'm a little thick to get the purpose of that one right now. I just want my files to be backed up.

I got both pieces installed through the tarball configure/make/make install process. After the install, I copied a 6GB video file from my ext3 partition to an NTFS partition as a test. I then rebooted into XP and replayed it back in my XP based video editing software. I could still play the entire file, so I assume that ntfs-3g is doing its job. Hooray!

At the end of the evening, I copied 200GB of videos from my ext2 system to a backup NTFS partition. She works!

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